Posted on Sep 17, 2018

From Hiding to Healing: Sharing the Most Difficult Part of Yourself

 Michelle Anderson (left) provided a moving story of growing up with Epilepsy, facing anger and denial, and finally acceptance and self-awareness as she confronted her disease. "I was not perfect, but I was not alone," she said. Seeking expert advice, she discovered a California physician who also battled Epilepsy, learned her body's trigger mechanisms, seizure strategies, nutrition tactics and sharing techniques. Her husband and two children bolstered her on her journey, and total strangers encouraged and embraced her. "She is a real survivor," said Rotarian Randy Otto, (rigwho heard her story at a national speech contest. "I ask you to share a difficult part of yourself. We all have something important and life-changing to share," said Anderson.
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  • Thank you to all who facilitated the Ukrainians of Open World! We changed their lives, and they changed ours. Thank you to Joel for planning the vast itinerary.