Posted by Sarah Williams-Berg on Jun 01, 2020
Rotary Club Meeting ONLINE!
Due to Covid-19 precautions that continue, our club has not yet returned to physical luncheon meetings.  Until then, we've been meeting online. Today, our President Kevin Pehler (photo below, upper left) was on the road due to work and presided over our meeting in his car, in a parking lot of a motel somewhere in Iowa!  Are we cool or what?!?!?!?
Oconomowoc’s great resource: Lake Area Free Clinic
Mary Reich (above photo, top center) joined us online and described progress at the Lake Area Free Clinic, home to 300 volunteers and more than 3,700 patient visits last year. The new dental clinic addition is in high demand. LAFC is also able to utilize ProHealth and Aurora partnerships, contracted pharmacy services, bilingual communications and dental and nursing students. Oconomowoc Rotary itself sponsored a dental room there. Launched in 2001, the Clinic continues to serve clients with professional, timely strategies. The Lake Area Free Clinic has welcomed individuals and families who lack health insurance and whose income is below 250% of the federal poverty level. Many of these individuals work full-time, but are either not offered health insurance, or cannot afford the premiums. The Clinic’s mission is to provide high-quality comprehensive health care to those in need.
 “It’s because of the community partnerships and our staff and volunteers that we remain so strong,” said Reich.

Stronger now than ever…
Oconomowoc Rotary honored OHS senior Noah Konkol (above) at its virtual noon meeting this week. School staff Angela Fisher noted that Konkol serves as a role model and a pillar of strength,  exercising daily “tolerance to adversity.” “He is insightful and does everything with integrity,” said Fisher. Konkol will earn his eventual PhD in clinical psychiatry from UW-M, “Helping people with issues,” said Konkol.
Konkol’s father Kyle was also part of the meeting, expressing gratitude for his son’s recognition. “If you’re in the fox hole, Noah’s the one to be with,” he said. “We’re stronger now than ever.” Rotary honors students throughout the year, providing funding for continuing education.
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