Posted on May 11, 2022


Sarah (Debbink) and Dan Langenkamp provided a moving interview from their hotel room in Poland regarding their status as Embassy representatives for Ukraine. Their love for Ukrainians and the spirit generated by this war torn country permeated the Lake Terrace Clubhouse. Even with more than a trillion dollars of damage wrought on Ukrainian cities, “There is optimism, there is hope for the future,” said Sarah. “Ukraine will win this war.” The couple encouraged Rotarians to support humanitarian causes, offering emotional and political support for their beloved country. “These are good people. They are innovative, hardworking, educated and intelligent,” said Dan. “They only want the best for their country.” Russians have been deprived of accurate news since the onslaught. “This war was unleashed without justification,” said Dan. Ukrainian families have been sent to “filtration camps” where they are tortured, raped and starved. The couple feels safe in NATO’s Poland and does not suspect the war will elevate to a nuclear capacity. Their sons are residing with Sarah’s parents Dirk and Terry Debbink in California until they can safely return. Thank you to Paula Jacobs who brought the filming concept to Kevin Pehler, and to 3Barn for providing the video platform before the May 9 meeting.


Independence Day Parade is Saturday, July 2 at 5 p.m. Kevin advised the route may be changing. He encouraged Rotarians to come to 3Barn to help construct the octopus float, which will be designed to suck cash from onlooking crowds to support the Oconomowoc splashpad

. . . and PICKIN' UP TRASH!

Thank you to Rotarians and Scouts who picked up trash on Highway 16 West Saturday. A group of 26 picked up 22 bags of litter. Thank you to Dave Perry and John Kyle for orchestrating and to John Boray for picking up the donuts!


The World Affairs Seminar is the third week of June at Carroll University, Mike H. reported.